Strange how the meaning of words and phrases are lost in time.  Taken out of context to suit our own argument or view of the world.  The term Ubermensch (overman or superman) to me has never seemed more than a natural evolution and when seen as springing from the "death of god" it should make sense.

To those who can't tell yet I'm a fan of the work of Nietzsche.  Also to those that couldn't tell, this post may not mean much.  Those to whom it will be relevant may find their way to reading some of his work if they have not already.  I have no interest in those who do not have interest themselves.

People jumped on the statement "the death of god" because they cared not to think.  We are programmed to catch snippets and ignore the context and true meaning.  Nietzsche did not believe in god and simply spoke about christianity and its flawed beliefs.  We sin and must suffer until our sins are redeemed.  Yet simultaneously  telling us that we are doomed to suffer until we take our place in heaven.  There is no hope until death  and surely that can only be damaging to our world.  Too easy to blame all our problems on a belief, it's just the way things are but no matter what happens I will be redeemed when I die.  Bullshit.

The world dies, hope dies, belief dies, and when belief is dead there is no longer a god, he too is dead.  No coherent truth is left.  Either we start to rely on our own perspectives, or there will be nothing left but nihilism, destruction, emptiness.  A void that until the Ubermensch, could not be filled.  Those who think differently, without the restraints that too many place upon themselves.  Rebuilding a new set of guidelines, this should be our goal.  Ubermensch is not about eugenics or physiological idealism, it's an idealism of the mind, freeing yourself to be what you are and not what you have been taught/forced to be. The Ubermensch that Hitler latched on to, and that so many others think of when they hear the word was fatally flawed.  You cannot breed the kind of mind that Nietzsche envisioned, it is born from free-thinking and self-fulfillment.  Genetically modifying humans to fit an ideal can only ever be superficial, only the body.  You can, however, force a mind to be what you want with mind control, but then by its nature it is the opposite of what the Ubermensche represent.

Freedom, casting away the chains of religion, the chains of rules, the chains we put upon ourselves for who we think we should be, and who others tell us we need to be.  We are ourselves, nothing more.

"Become what you are"