Well it looks like I've managed to revamp (for what it's worth) this site. To be honest all I really wanted from it was the blog because it is separate from everything else that I do and I feel more secure being honest on it with things that I would be hated for thinking/saying by people in general.

Right now there are some things I feel like saying, but I am exhausted. Anyone that knows me knows that the normal bedtime for me is anytime from 6am onwards.  Recently, however, I am always tired.  Like fall asleep standing up or in the middle of doing something or half an hour after being up and awake in the first place kinda tired.  I know there is something wrong and I will figure it out one way or another, it isn't the only symptom, one I'm not saying and the other is general sickness and dizziness.  Now if I could just get in to see my gp again that would be fabulous heh.

This week off has escaped my grasp yet again.  I never seem to get anything done, something always happens to ruin it for me, or I can't get myself up in time for something.  My sleep has always been wrecked, I wish I could afford to go for a sleep study, there's nothing 'serious enough' wrong that I can get referred but no way I can afford it.  Right now I am a waste of breath hanging on for no good reason.