Your life or your soul

I felt I needed to say this.  I love music, it is my entire life and it has saved my life way more than once.  I buy music, always have done always will.  I am frequently broke, much like now.  I do download music, sometimes it is albums or singles I already own and am too lazy to put on my computer for my mp3 player and sometimes it is because it is something I know will help me and it makes me feel amazing when I hear an album I have been waiting for for a long time.  Then, as soon as I have the money, before buying anything else at all, I will buy the album.  I owe it to the artists who put their life and souls into the music not to steal it from them.  Many people won't even agree with the way I do it but they probably don't believe that I really buy stuff.

Have been struggling for money for a long time now and one band/artist kept me going in that time - Assemblage 23 - Tom Shear.  Yes I downloaded every song I could to listen to and it really held me up.  This christmas I got some money from my parents in a way that it could not be used to pay bills or anything else, in short I was to spend it on me.  I bought several albums from Amazon - Rotersand x2, Therapy, Covenant, and I had a massive (for me) shopping spree in the A23 store.  My reward for buying songs I already had, apart from the happiness in knowing that they had more sales (even large bands in the scene are often small in the scale of things and I do like promoting and helping the scene), but upon sending a message with my order Tom Shear signed every single one of the albums and singles that I bought. Tell me how many of these 'big' artists would bother to do that for a fan.

Trust me there was not a single thing that could have happened that could have made me happier that day.  Even now I have them neatly stacked near me and I just take them out and look at the booklets, that gives me pleasure, even when I download something I know that soon I will buy the hard copy and have it to hold, nothing beats that I don't care how sad that makes me.

Anyone who just downloads because it is free and gives nothing back at all is just scum and thieves.  However long it takes me I am systematically buying the music I love whenever I have the chance.  I don't buy anything else as 'treats' etc, I don't need them.  Music I do need.

Point to note, Ohgr has just released a single after a lot of legal wrangling to be able to put out his own material.  I could well have probably got that single by download somewhere.  It was $1 - 63p and even though I have not even felt able to spare 10p right now (it really is that bad) I figured out what I could go without for a day or a few to compensate for it.  So I bought it.  Well worth it, supporting a project restarting and getting back on its feet, and he has given free downloads from his website previously that I have received.  The link is in my links but its here again WDIHTF please go to it, download the free track and download the 63p single, it is awesome.

I doubt I have worded it how I wanted, word fails are frequent and it is 6am which doesnt help.  I need sleep but I feel intensely strongly about this and I hope I have made clear where I stand.

You want it, buy it, even if it takes a while to get enough.  I always find things I can live without if it means I can buy more music.

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