First off I'm just going to list the classes/tradeskills/levels etc that I have because I have quite a few and it get's it out of the way heh.  For my own sake I am not giving out my characters names but I am on the Skyfire server (although the pictures I'll put up will probably give some names anyway xD ) Ok beginning list - consider that all have, or thereabouts have max tinkering, adorning and transmuting.

100 berzerker / 100 armorer

100 necromancer / 100 provisioner

95 inquisitor / 100 tailor

95 ranger / 100 woodworker

95 shadowknight / 100 weaponsmith

80 warlock / 100 sage

34 beastlord / 100 alchemist

71 monk / 100 woodworker (yes another one - don't ask)

82 wizard / 100 carpenter

22 brigand / 100 jeweler

32 channeler / 100 carpenter (yes another of these too)

96 bruiser / 100 woodworker (third, I needed to pay more attention xD )

95 fury / 100 provisioner (I ran out of unique tradeskills to pick)

79 dirge / 100 alchemist (I know)

79 coercer / 100 tailor (I will never run out of food clothes or wooden sticks)

Ok that's it for those.  They are obviously all in different stages of the game, currently I am focusing on the most recent expansion, having completed the signature line on the top two characters I am currently alternating between gearing them up from public quests, dungeons and key quests (I don't group, it's a long story but the basics of it is there is a big reason but I cannot be doing with trying to explain it to each and every group and then having issues with them even when they say they grasped the problem and are cool.

I have all the tradeskills that have gone through the tradeskill signature line for the new expansion as well, a bunch have got the new factions but a handful are still needing maybe one more (trying to keep up with that many and not get bored trying to get the same things done on each means I skip some for a while and do something else). The top two have their ascension classes, I went theumaturg(sp?) for the berzerker, no-one seems to be able to decide what is best for who yet so I just went for a cool one that had a different damage type as I read things that (logically) recommended that might help in cases where one damage type is blocked. The necromancer, therefore, got the geomancer.

I do like to collect mounts and plushies, I used to be very big on all the events but now that all of my characters have done the quests ad nauseam I tend to just do any new quests and that's it. I may do some repeatable if I happen to need more coins/tokens etc but I'm pretty set for those really.

I like to decorate as well, I have several houses published on the server all in the hall of fame. I do have another one planned but there is so much that I need to get caught up with at the moment. I've been having motivation and concentration trouble and have skipped an awful lot of nights where I would have liked to log in but was struggling with other things to even manage to log in and chat to the guild.

Ok here are a random bunch of pictures that will definitely give my characters names although you will probably never have seen them around haha I tend to keep a low profile. You will also tell most of them are very old pictures, a couple of characters changed appearances radically (one changed race) and my now high ones were very new (also I think I only had four lol). Some are funny bugs/glitches, a couple are npc texts where the grammar makes me cringe, some just looked cool or funny. Oh and some I took a butt load of all at once because if you hit next really fast it made me laugh watching them seem to be moving 'normally'

Everquest 2 random stuff
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