To be honest this is more of a 'most frequent and most stupid questions asked.  Point to note, many people do not even know I am vegan, I don't go round screaming it at people.  I am not militant and I do not give a crap what you eat or think, you don't shove it in my face, and I won't shove it in yours.  I don't mind being asked questions, but some of them do make me seriously fear for the world's IQ.

  • Do you eat fish?
Never a good start.  No, fish is a living creature therefore I do not eat it.  Neither is someone who eats fish a vegetarian, though I do appreciate the effort they are making by not eating other animals, it's better than nothing.
  • So what DO you eat?
It would be easier to ask what I don't eat, it's a quicker answer.  I can eat a tonne of food from supermarkets, many cater for vegans now and label clearly.  You can get vegan chocolate with soya milk (actually very good), ice cream (my dad used to steal mine and ignore his own).  I can get the same kinds of crap that you can.  I like fruit and veg and yes there are substitutes for things like sausages, chicken, bacon, fish, pretty much anything really.
  • So if you eat something that looks and tastes like meat you obviously want to eat it so whats the point?
*facepalm*  I don't eat it because it tastes like meat, in fact it's been so long I don't know what that would taste like anyway.  It is nice so I eat it. Whether it looks like it or not makes no difference to the taste.  Looking and supposedly tasting like meat makes no difference to whether I will eat it, whether I like it or not, that makes a difference.
  • Do you still believe in it or is it just habit
Both, it's not something I think about 24/7 so in that respect it is habit.  I do strongly believe in it though, in all forms of animal rights and one of the few things that can make me cry is seeing or thinking of an animal in pain.  I used to work for a vets in a rural area so have seen slaughterhouses and chicken farms and I've seen the way farmers often view their animals (merely money, if helping suffering will cost money it wasn't worth it to them.  What made me leave the practice was a calf coming in with an easily treatable illness.  It wouldn't have cost much, I would have paid for it.  When I walked in to say (though he would have refused anyway) they pulled out a shotgun and shot it in the head whilst it lay on a cold concrete floor.  One of the first times I truly felt my temper was going to be a danger to people, and the only time I have been able to walk away and calm down (though part of me wishes I'd got my hands on that gun).
  • OK so what DON"T you eat then?
No meat (white and red), no fish or any seafood (I hate seafood anyway), no eggs or dairy (yes that includes butter, margarine, ice cream, milk, cheese, yoghurt and anything made with milk or milk by-products), no honey, no animal products at all.  I don't wear silk, leather, suede etc and no you can't catch me out, my big leather looking boots are totally vegan.
  • Shouldn't you be really thin?
*epic facepalm* Strangely enough no, I'm not unhealthy I get all my vitamins from other sources the same way most people do.  Not every big source of something has to come from an animal.  I can get hold of the same kind of junk food you can, crisps, sweets, cakes (yes you can - I just havent worked out how to do it successfully by myself yet) but I was given a black forest gateau once someone bought me on ebay from an established vegan baker (damn his stuff is good, might have to add a link)There is an additional problem of the medication I am on screwing with my weight.  Sounds like an excuse but it's still true. 
  • What about animal testing, and your medication is that vegan?
I don't use products that are tested on animals, I buy specific washing powder, toothpaste and all the usual stuff.  I don't wear makeup anyway but do know of good vegan non-animal tested brands.

Yes my medication is most likely tested on animals.  I didn't look to see the ingredients I needed to think first.  I wasn't being left with a choice about whether to take it anyway, I just had to resolve it with myself.  Without it there is a high likelihood that I would not be here now.  Buying vegan products shows the market that there is a desire for it, and that people are conscientious about what they eat.  I have taken part in things to raise awareness and reduce cruelty.  I was a hunt saboteur and I know I made a difference.  Many of my animals have been rescued and one was on the verge of death, another deemed violently unrehomable but I gave him a chance and he rewarded me (after biting me for hours but me not moving a muscle he just gave up and was a sweetheart ever since).

There are limits, I would die before I took an organ from an animal, same with blood.  If I was told that I could be given a drug but they had to test the exact batch on one mouse and it would be killed then I couldn't do it.  Yes it is easier when you are not directly responsible and I know that's flawed logic.  Don't forget just how many animal tests have been done on every single item we use, crash test pigs, so I must walk everywhere.  Wound healing so I can't use plasters, even water as a healing accelerant has been tested so I can't drink anything.  Everything is tested one way or another.  I don't expect to be perfect in what I do but I do know that I believe in what I'm doing and I do everything in my power to keep to it.
  • What about hunting and stuff, some animals are pests and need to be killed
Most of what people consider 'pests' are here because we screwed up and brought something over that shouldn't be here.  Or we bred it to fix one problem and became a problem itself.  There are better ways to reduce a population than to kill them.  Chemical castration is proven to work and I see that as a much better option than being torn apart by dogs, poisoned, trapped and left in pain for days, given a torturous illness specifically created to kill them, but not even quickly or being shot by an inexperienced hunter who wounds it and then can't find it while it dies in agony. Foxes, badgers, rabbits and deer are lying by the roadside all the time because we have encroached on to their land.  They are just trying to exist and sometimes we wouldn't even know they were there if it weren't for mangled corpses in the road.
  • But we are designed to eat meat
I have not once found someone who says that and will then actually listen to the genuine scientific proof that this is not true, trust me I have studied it a lot to be sure I wasn't spouting theoretical bullshit.  One point though, look at 99% of your teeth, flat grinding teeth yes.  For VEGETABLE MATTER. Front, flat based piercing (not sharp) for piercing FRUIT. On a contrary note (because I feel like it), look at a gorilla's teeth. Massive canines that could tear you apart without any effort. Know what they eat? Look it up, go on...I will wait ;)  Neither of these are by themselves proofs, but if people actually put the effort into researching these things properly and without bias (yes I actually tried to prove to myself we WERE meant to eat meat - I find it the easiest way for me to feel confident in what I find).

There is also a lot of evidence now that we were originally lactose intolerant too and that we had to teach our bodies to accept it.  It's also worth remembering that cow's milk is designed to get a calf to maximum weight in minimum time.  Also we are the only species that drinks the milk of a different species for pleasure.

There are many more questions and topics that I could go into but there may be a contact box or something for if anyone does have any questions as sensible as possible please, idiots and trolls don't bother me and will just be ignored (I do not guarantee an answer).
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